Maples Crèche and Montessori

We have been having Playball here with us since 2007 in Maples Crèche and Montessori. Playball develops learning material for each age group separately according to developmental milestones for specific age. It ensures effective learning as content is just right for the child. This program makes an excellent contribution to every part of a young child's life by developing physical skills.

We here at Little Maples Crèche would highly recommend Playball as an extra currìculum in any playground, crèche or schoool. It motivates children to participate in sport and sparks an interest in physical activities.

Glenda Farnan

ST. Patricks National School, Greystones

Carl de Chenu ha been running Playball in our school as an afterschool activity for three years.

It is very popular amongst the younger pupils and Carl is a very good rapport with the children.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Eileen Jackson - Principal, St. Patricks NS

Delgany National School

The children of the junior classes in Delgany National School have been involved with Playball programme over the past few years.

The programme was established by the parents and is run separately from the school's extra-curricular/ P.E. programme. It has been running very effectively ever since its inception. Carl and his team have always shown themselves to be punctual, efficient and well prepared. The variety of activites available to the children is super and they are active throughout the well structured sessions. The children thoroughly enjoy the programme and interact really well with the coaches who show patience and kindness to them. All activities are carried out in an atmosphere of fun and I have no doubt that the programme does help develop the children's co-ordination, balance and physical development. 

Patricia Conran - Principal

Little Harvard Crèche and Montessori

Playball has been offered as an extra curricular activity in Little Harvard Crèche and Montessori Bray since we opened in 2008. Since then it has become an integral part of the children’s physical and mental development. The principles and concepts applied in the class lay an excellent foundation for a life long love of sport and fitness. Playball is described as an enrichment programme for children because not only is it about developing sports skills but we have noticed children’s self confidence and concentration improving dramatically.

Carl and his team have an excellent understanding of young children’s needs; they also have a great working relationship with the crèche so much so that Playball classes are now run in all Little Harvard Crèches.

ST. Andrew's National School, Bray

Playball has been running successfully as an extra curricular activity in St. Andrew's National School for the last few years.

We have always found the playball coaches to be punctual, courteous and good at interacting with the children.

It is evident that the children really enjoy Playball because many sign up to participate term after term.

The ball skills and team games learnt are all great building blocks for the children when they progress to specific team/all games.

We have no hesitation recommending Carl and his team.

Wendy Costello - ECA Co-ordinator,  Carole Hill - ECA Co-ordinator

Home From Home Crèche

My name is Shaunna O'Gorman, I am the owner/ manager of Home From Home Crèche and Afterschool Services in Charlsland, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Since September 2011 we have had the Playball guys coming to our facility to do their program with our pre-school and afterschool children on a weekly basis. The children's age range from 3-9 years old. We have two separate classes; one from 3-5 years olds and another for 5-9 year olds. During the 45 minutes that they are here, the children are delighted and full of energy. The program is very upbeat and stimulating and it holds the children's interest quite well! The instructors work on basic ball skills in every way and each of the children's hand-eye co-ordination is excellent. What i find great about Playball is it can be done indoors or outdoors and the program is full of variety. Carl, Henty and Kieran all have a great energy and repore with the children and they listen and interact very well with each of the instructors. I have no problem recommending Playball for all children and they listen and interact very well with each of the instructors.

Shaunna O'Gorman

Bray School Project National School Bray

Carl de Chenu runs two "Playball" Extra Curricular Activites in our school and has been doing so very successfully for the last four years.

Carl is well liked by the children and their parents and has an excellent working relationship with the staff and board of management of the school. Carl is both professional and courteous and makes his class entertaining and enjoyable for each of his groups.

We are happy to recommend Carl and would be happy to discuss our experience of Playball to date with anyone considering having him run a class.

Carol Lanigan - Principal